Single Source Responsibility

Mansfield Engineered Components means different things to different customers. To some, we offer complete design, manufacture and assembly expertise. To others, we have become a “branch” of their company, offering fast and reliable manufacturing and assembly, working from their designs. Either way, we deliver quality, value, service and reliability.

Single source responsibility is more than a term. It’s how we do business. Everyone at Mansfield Engineered Components knows that it’s all about serving the customer. We challenge ourselves every day to come up with the right solution. Then we prove it to ourselves before we prove it to the customer. We know that it must be right. It must be affordable. And it must be there on time, every time. We’re proud of the fact that we meet delivery schedules over 99% of the time, while providing value-added, cost-effective solutions.

Mansfield Engineered Components offers:

  • A design team of innovative problem-solvers armed with the latest design software and computer tools that tackle design issues by offering innovative, cost-effective solutions.
  • Prototypes built and tested both in house and externally to prove our design—or that of a customer—to ensure reliability.
  • Stamping capability, with engineering and die design know-how to develop cost-effective designs for motion control components.
  • A full range of plating and finishing processes that allows us to offer our customers services to meet their cost, cosmetic and quality standards.
  • Quality assembly processes that ensure durability and dependability.
  • Value-added services such as warehousing and distribution.

Contract Manufacturing

Sometimes, you’re just looking for someone you can trust to build components to your own custom prints and designs. You’ve come to the right place. Mansfield Engineered Components excels at taking over production of new and pre-existing motion control parts and assemblies. Our experience allows us to get up to speed quickly, saving customers money while reducing headaches. Think of us as a branch of your company—ready to serve you quickly and reliably, saving time, labor and materials, and protecting your intellectual property, allowing you to focus on your priorities.


There are times when it just makes sense to go offshore. Our global expertise allows us to offer our customers low cost sources that provide the same commitment to quality, value and service to which we adhere. In conjunction with our know-how in handling import and logistics needs, we can serve as a U.S. port of shipment for our customers. We eliminate the hassles of tracking imports and managing duties. We manage every phase of our design, development and offshore manufacturing, assembly and shipping needs.