Product Design and Development

Where is our Product Catalogue? We don’t have one! We find that a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t get our customers the performance, feel and quality that they need. But this doesn’t mean that we start from scratch with each application. Our decades of experience and familiarity with customer and consumer preferences allows us to jump start the development process. Shoe horning an off-the-shelf component into a carefully designed finished product doesn’t yield the results our customers demand. When it comes to product design of complex motion control components, we strive to deliver EXACTLY what our customers need.

The right product. On time. Every time.

We’ve designed and produced millions of motion control components for a variety of industry needs. We’ve tackled the simple and the complex. We’ve saved customers time and money as we’ve discovered ways to “do it better” or “do it faster.” Here is a small sample of Mansfield Engineered Components’ product offerings.

Appliance Products

Mansfield Engineered Components serves the appliance market worldwide with hinges and complex motion control components. Whether it’s a side-swinging door on a refrigerator, the lid of a washing machine or the drop-down door of an oven, our products improve the fit, feel, form and function of white goods manufacturers’ products. We’re proud to be the go-to global source for the residential and commercial appliance industry.


We provide access-related assemblies, such as the cowling for a three-wheeled recreational vehicle, a four-bar hinge for a pickup truck tonneau cover and a lift-assist for an automobile’s hood or deck lid. If a vehicle has parts that move, Mansfield Engineered Components can help improve that motion.

General Industrial

We serve a broad range of industrial OEMs, providing motion control devices that improve the functionality or usability of their products. Many of our components are designed for products that pivot on a horizontal axis. We are especially skilled in designing and manufacturing components that control movement counter to the pull of gravity. If a product needs a counterbalance to hold open an access cover, a lift for a heavy lid or a means to soften the opening of a drop-down door, we can design and provide a robust, cost-effective device that both enhances motion and adds convenience.